Friday, March 18, 2011

Retro Bandito Fender Stratocaster with Scalloped Neck

This is a totally unique guitar that I put together using ALL Fender parts. It has a vintage Western theme with an awesome handmade leather pickguard (that alone cost me over $100) AS WELL AS brand new Fender Samarium Cobalt noiselss pickups installed. Check out the specs on this wild guitar:
* Relic'ed American Fender Strat body- check the photo. The serial # indicates it was made in February / March of 2000. Light wear applied to the finish overall, heavier wear over some of the contours to simulate aging and a lot of playing.
* Licensed Fender Strat PROFESSIONALLY SCALLOPED maple fingerboard neck. Before I had ever played a scalloped neck, I was concerned that this may cause tuning issues (by stretching the string too far, as the wood is carved out lower). After playing some scalloped necks, I have not experienced any tuning issues- even when playing chords. It really allows you to grab a hold of the strings for bending during solos- it gives you better control. I love it!
* Chrome Fender / Schaller tuners- Avoids tuning issues that some people blame on the standard Kluson tuners
* NEW Noiseless Fender Samarium Cobalt single coil pickups- No more annoying Strat hum in any position!!! Sound good? You bet it does.
* Chrome Fender tremolo bridge * Hand-made black and white LEATHER pickguard- This is one of the coolest things about this guitar: this pickguard is out of this world. If you are into rockabilly, the old west, 50's era themes... this REAAAAALLY sells it. The pictures hardly do it justice! The detail is phenomenal. *"Bandito" neckplate- A very cool custom image on the plate that completely goes with the Western theme
*Matador pinup girl on the tremolo cavity cover- Again, that 1950's era Western theme... it's the details that really make a guitar stand out!
* All of the hardware is of Fender origin, including the tremolo bar.
* ON TOP OF THIS, you will get the BRAND NEW TWEED CASE with a PLUSH RED INTERIOR that is pictured.

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