Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Victorian / Western Les Paul... woodburning and setting a neck.

Well... I've been working on this guitar. It's definitely going in the direction of the Gretsch Roundup. I've done some significant woodburning on the top and back of the guitar; lots to do still, but it's coming along. I'll be tooling some leather for those plastic pieces on the top, and doing some fun leather pieces as trim on the sides of the guitar. I actually found some western-themed leather belts at the thrift store, so I may cheat and just use those on the sides.

Nobody seems to get excited about a bolt-on neck, so I decided to try converting this to a set neck. I carved and routed out a small cavity in the neck that would match a maple piece glued (and screwed) onto the neck that extends through the neck pocket into the body cavity. This is glued in with hide glue, just in case there are issues and it needs to be taken apart, as many guitars end up having that need. It still looks fairly rough, but I'll address the cosmetics later.

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