Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kramer "Pirate" Guitar

This guitar was bought by my father a few years ago. It is a shredder made by Kramer; originally it was black, and had some body damage near the bridge. As a result, is was a good deal in store. It came with skull and crossbone tuning machines, which doesn't really go with my Dad's lifestyle (he's a pastor). So, it had always been called the pirate guitar around the house, rather than anything too doom and gloom.

My sister wanted to learn to play guitar, and the pirate guitar ended up in her hands. She likes pretty things, so she had me take it and do my thang.

So, I combined various nautical / pirate-y elements to make a design for the guitar.
*3D Octopus / Seamonster tentacles rising from the "depths"
*3D ship's hull with figurehead at bottom
*3D mast over silhouetted torn sail
*map / chart paint theme in gold over smokey background

I'm realizing I don't have pictures from the finished guitar (with hardware and final details), so I'll need to take some next time I see my sister.

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