Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Penguins Strat

I was recently commissioned to create a Pittsburgh Penguins themed guitar...

Based on the money that was able to be invested, I bought a used Strat to renovate. The final specs ended up being:

*Behlen stringed instrument lacquer finish
*Tinted neck, finished as above
*Custom peghead artwork
*90's era 3d Penguins logo pickguard
*Simple gold matching paintjob
*Special shielding and rewiring- according to
         Seriously... this is an amazing mod. With standard Strat pickups, you get rid of your 60cycle       hum!!
*TBX tone control installed
*String Saver Saddles
*Fender locking tuners (as used on the nicest U.S. made models)

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